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  1. Would you please link us to your settings.
  2. I like a challenge. I will take Sprinter. I like leagues with with a high number of keepers. I am in another league with 35 roster 25 keepers.
  3. ESPN Keeper League Free 10 keepers minimum (more the better) Replacement owner only
  4. If 5 high still available
  5. I have been looking for an ESPN Keeper Roto league. If team 3 is still available. I have been an active fantasy player for over 15 years.
  6. If you have a team not taken.
  7. Starting pitchers are limited to 12 starts for the season. That is a little low!
  8. Are you looking for a new owner to take over an orphaned ESPN team? FREE League Keeper League 10 keeper minimum I would be interested in taking over your orphaned team. Not interested in startups.