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  1. Picked him up. Dont see the risk in grabbing him.
  2. Any chance he comes back if the season starts again within 1-2 months. Lol
  3. He was crushing it when he started earlier in the season and they were winning games. The suns don't seem to care and just want Ayton out there. Sadly they can't co exist together or at least Monty feels that way.
  4. Ayton should come back in week 21 so Baynes run will end sadly. However he definitely is a nice handcuff.
  5. The potential is there. Let's not forget when Nurk started out his career. Just him playing 15 to 20 mins brought him some decent value. The restrictions will be there but the Blazers going all win mode they may have to play him. What's the point of Whiteside getting his stats if they're still losing.
  6. Streamed him for today. Lets just say I clinched the matchup this week 😂 Ayton who?!
  7. Tempted to drop this guy for one of the hot adds. Cam Johnson/B Knight/McRae all on waivers waiting to be picked up.
  8. I grabbed Baynes right away but both players may be valuable.
  9. Forced to drop him for Ayton insurance (Baynes) eh.
  10. Paschall seems like an uber high % consistent player that gets mainly points and boards. The assists are there as Well especially when Draymond is out. Not a lot of stocks. Even with Curry coming back i think he has a bright outlook.