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  1. What is a good return to look for in a dynasty format for Wander Franco? Getting a lot of offers but can’t decide on how to value him. WHIR
  2. 5 - Gerritt Cole 9 - Bieber 19 - Mondesi 20 - Bregman 22 - Ketel Marte
  3. uhh have you seen the orioles lineup? 🤮
  4. Yea with Noah coming in I would go OF next but overall you are looking pretty good.
  5. I would reach for Buehler, Snell, Glasnow. Advice on the later rounds?
  6. Yea id do Hiura especially if they are gonna send more.
  7. I'd go for Hiura and maybe trade some prospects for streamable pitching. Although SS is so deep this year maybe trade for Eloy for Bieber and seek out teams that have SS to spare.
  8. Ah sorry I’m on a phone I’ll check on my laptop and get back to you.