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  1. me and a friend are interested. can you send full rules please?
  2. My buddy and I are looking for 2 spots in a dynasty league. Entry fee around $10-$50/year. Both very experienced, very dedicated baseball fans/fantasy participants.
  3. what kind of draft? snake or auction? what is the entry fee/payout? thanks!
  4. Hi I'm interested in a roto/auction league! I have a friend who is looking to join as well!
  5. Does ESPN have leagues with entry fees? I only see free leagues
  6. If I started a 5X5 Roto/Auction league on CBS - would any of ya'll join? My buddy is in, looking for as many more players that might be interested.
  7. We can pay up to $50 entry fee Let us know if anyone's looking for a pair of owners!
  8. My friend and I are also looking for a league to join. 5x5, Roto/Auction, March draft date. $10-$50 entry fee. Very active fantasy owners.
  9. My friend and I, each with a decade of experience in Fantasy, looking to join a new fun league, with entry fee between $10-$30. Must be Roto, must be Auction draft. Flexible on which categories are in play, but standard 5x5 is totally acceptable. No dynasty or keeper leagues. No redrafts. Prefer draft to take place in March as close to Opening day as possible. We are easy to play with, very competitive, love baseball, love fantasy.
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