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  1. When he got suspended and decided to accept it without appeal I thought the same thing as the bolded. That this was good news as teams know knew what they were dealing with, when he could play, and he'd be signed fairly soon. Pete Carrol's comments today make me think otherwise. It seems to me that teams are leery of his pending civil case and don't want to make a move until it's over with via settlement or trial(which I think is Sept 15th). I've no doubt Seattle is interested, they were last year when the Raiders cut him and that interest never went away and they were my prediction of who would sign him when he got his suspension. I'm starting to change my mind on that as well and I think there was something to the Chad Johnson tweet a few weeks ago about him being a Houston Texan. Whatever the team I get a strong feeling AB has agreed in principal with a team, and that team is stipulating that principal be nothing new and damaging comes out of AB's civil case and if so the offer they presented him is on the table for him to accept when that's over with. I say this because I think he'd have fought the suspension otherwise.
  2. I could probably come up with a few if I spend time thinking about it but one quick one that popped in my head was CJ Anderson by the Rams. Propelled Rams to the SB, won some people fantasy leagues.
  3. Potential league winner if he makes it back in the right spot. I don't think Baltimore is that spot. Don't think he's lost anything it's just a question of acclimation and attitude. If we judged him on the time from week 17 of the 2018 season on he's made a ton of mistakes and not the easiest guy to defend or trust. Is that who he is or is he the guy whose first 9 years in the league went on possibly the best 6 year run in history for a WR and his worst transgression was seemingly an in locker room FB live post? Personally he's built up enough positive collateral of good will those first 9 years and performed so well for so many fantasy teams of mine I'm taking my shots on a heavily discounted player who if things go right has a few weeks to ramp up and be ready to help a lot of fantasy teams when it's playoff/money time.