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  1. What early-round pitchers, if any, would you target? Would you reach for someone like deGrom?
  2. What pitchers in the early-to-mid rounds do you think are the best values to target in single-year leagues? It just seems to me like this year there are more question marks than ever before with the top 20 starting pitchers. Pitchers like Verlander and Scherzer are getting up there in age. There's also a bunch of early round pitchers like Flaherty, Buehler, Paddack, Giolito, and Castillo that have only had one good full year each. Snell and Nola were good in 2018, but declined significantly last year. Sale seems like a ticking time bomb with his elbow, Strasburg and Darvish and Thor have always been injury risks, Kershaw is getting worse every year even though he isn't that old yet. I think Cole will still be good, but he is going to a far worse ballpark for pitchers and a high-pressure environment where not everyone succeeds and is now costing a first round pick. I think deGrom might be the safest pick but is it worth reaching for him at the end of the first round?
  3. Hopefully he'll stay healthy for you. I think he's an injury risk, but so are a lot of starting pitchers.
  4. Assuming you think you can win this year, I'd keep Scherzer even in dynasty league. The back injury last year and age are concerning but Scherzer could easily still be a top 5 pitcher this year and Clevinger is out 6-8 weeks with knee surgery.
  5. Both guys are good young players but I think Hiura has the higher power upside. I'd go with Hiura.
  6. I agree. In a single-year league, I'd still rather have Goldy, but Goldy is on the downslide and I'd rather have Biggio in dynasty.
  7. Personally I'd rather have Hader. Thor's declining K rate and injury history are concerns for me.
  8. I'd keep Whit. Peralta is really inconsistent and has big control issues. Whit is a proven very good player.
  9. I'd rather have Castillo, but not sure I'd say Hader showed cracks in the armor last year. A 2.62 ERA, 0.81 WHIP, 20 BB and 138 Ks in 75 IP isn't too shabby. He's not perfect as the wild card game showed, but I wouldn't say the league has figured him out or anything.
  10. I worry Sale is a ticking time bomb before he gets hurt. I'd feel a lot safer with Baez.
  11. Thor didn't seem to have the same dominant stuff last year (only 202 K in 198 IP, a far cry from his strikeout rate in 2015 and 2016). Plus Thor's injury history is impossible to ignore. I'd definitely rather have Snell than Thor. Snell still had 147 Ks in 107 IP last year, and was really unlucky to have a 4.29 ERA.
  12. There's no thread on him because everyone knows how great he is. It wouldn't surprise me if his SBs decline a little bit like Trout's did after his first two years, but everything else from last year should be repeatable or even maybe get a little better. Personally I'd take Acuna over Yelich but not over Trout. Trout has the most proven track record of being elite year after year.