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  1. This is a snake re-draft league hosted on Fantrax using their free Treasurer service to manage fees/payouts. Just trying to get started on recruiting early to determine how many leagues I should make. Draft and payment deadline aren't until September. I've been making these for several years and they fill up pretty fast so please do reserve your spot now. This is a points-only league: points are counted the same as typical H2H leagues but instead of getting wins and losses against another team, you just collect your points and whoever has the most at the end of the year wins. This is a superior format because it eliminates the randomness of H2H matchups and ranks teams by how well they actually do. payouts: $900 $200 $100 I'm willing to put other options for payout up to a vote Rosters: 1x QB 3x RB 4x WR 2x TE 1x FLEX 4x DL 3x LB 4x DB 1x K 7x BN 3x IR Scoring: passing: yards (1/25) TD (5) INT (-3) sack yards loss (-1/10) rush/rec: yard (1/10) TD (6) reception (0.5) first down* (0.5) fumble (-1) fumble lost (-2) 2 point conversion (3) *only rush/rec first downs count, not passing tackle solo (1) assist (0.5) sacks (3) stuff (2) sack/stuff yards behind the line (1/10) INT (4) FF (3) FR (3) FR/INT return yards (1/10) pass deflected (1) penalties (-1) blocked kick/punt (5) TD on defense (6) field goals made are at least 3 points plus 0.5 for each 5 yards above 30 up to 6 points for a 60+ i.e. 17-34 yards (3) 35-39 (3.5) 40-44 (4) etc. field goals missed work in reverse with a +50 yard miss (-2) 45-49 miss (-2.5) 44-40 miss (-3) etc. extra point made (1) XP missed (-4) contact me at