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  1. I'm in a 16 teamer. We keep 6. Anthony Rendon, JT Realmuto, Jeff McNeil, Charlie Morton, Patrick Corbin....Mercado or Lourdes Gurriel? Have to keep at least two pitchers. Which one should I keep?
  2. There's going to be lot of inside pitches. And that's when you get broken bones.
  3. Well said...and I agree with both. I had both of them on my team last year, and was very pleased with their production.
  4. Lourdes Gurriel Jr is second base eligible. What tier would you put him in?
  5. I don't believe cheaters! Also, I would be willing to bet the Astros are going to get hit by pitchers at an extremely high rate this season, which means more chances for broken hands, wrists, elbows and other injuries. So, I will be avoiding all Astros hitters. Plus, I don't like cheaters on my fantasy teams. I run a clean program:)
  6. I doubt they will be discounted much if any. But regardless they won't be on my team.
  7. Not drafting any Astros hitters this year. Dark cloud hanging over them plus pitchers throwing at them. And now they can't cheat! Count me out!
  8. He is one of my 6 keepers and I would love to know the answer to this as well. According to ROTOCHAMP they have him batting 2nd, which I would really like.
  9. [...] I watched him play quite a bit last year and he has that "it" factor. [...] have a lot of faith in him and love his multiple position eligibility. 2b,3b,Lf, Rf on yahoo.
  10. I like Lourdes a lot this year. [...] I think he could be a real difference maker for a lot of fantasy owners this season.
  11. This is a yahoo 16 team head to head. 8 by 8 categories. Draft march 14th at 7 on yahoo. Funds will be handled by LeagueSafe. 8 teams make playoffs. I need 3 owners.if interested email me at dynasty495@gmail.com. My name is Chad.