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  1. That'll play.
  2. You didn't used to be so condescending. All we do is compare and contrast players. "This guy is the next...." His question is valid, and I think he was talking about Tim Beckham.
  3. Here's to many more Meatballs for Vlad this year!
  4. It's really not that complicated my man. This was a meatball:
  5. That Brian Johnson pitch was about as meatbally as meatballs get. Vlad did what he was supposed to do with it though. Hoping for big things from the big fella.
  6. He faced major league pitching the other day and grounded out to shortstop /shrug 2021 is perhaps realistic all things considered. Let's talk about Spencer Torkelson the prospect and not dwell on when he gets the call just yet. Some dynasty leagues may have waited to draft and are doing so now, where does he fit on 2020 prospect lists? Top 10?
  7. #1 pick in June out of Arizona State. 54 dongs in 129 college games. Do we see him in 2020? Fangraphs write-up:
  8. You've been asked to cite examples where even CNN has said being infected=certain death, and you keep replying with "CNN hates Trump, so they would do something like that"
  9. We are seeing how it plays out with empirical data. The number of US cases has doubled in 3 days. It's only going to grow exponentially from here. This is why quarantining and isolating is so important, so we can impede the rate at which it spreads. Not sure how many times this needs to be explained in this thread, but here we are.
  10. I don't think it's being exaggerated how lethal it is. The fact is we don't know yet, and the media is reporting what they know from known cases. The panic and hysteria is coming, and rightfully so, from our systems being overloaded and the anxiety of not knowing how many cases or just how lethal it is.
  11. [...] COVID-19 currently has a higher fatality rate than swine flu did/does (people still contract swine flu today.) This is only just beginning. I've seen estimates that 70-80% of the population will contract the virus within the next 1-2 years.
  12. You quite obviously do not understand how pandemics work. "Don't be a soy boy. Hang out in crowds if you want, no biggie." Maybe this isn't the virus that collapses society and wipes us out, but with this kind of thinking out there it's only a matter of time until one does.
  13. Ok, but to suggest that no one under 70 is dying is flat out wrong.