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  1. You have a great starting rotation rn. In my opinion drop Kopech.
  2. Yeah I'm a H2H Points guy but thanks for the offer. And I'm fine with rebuilding but I like to draft the team as well. Thanks for the help anyways man. Cheers!
  3. Thanks. I just found an absolutely insane league with 30 teams, salaries, milb rosters, etc, but even I (Who has nothing to do) couldn't keep up lol.
  4. Hmm I may be interested, I'll let you know if I am.
  5. I would gladly leave, and it does suck that this is the best dynasty team BY FAR that I've ever drafted. Bo, tatis, vlad, wander, buehler, glasnow, eloy, and lux all on the same team??? in a dynasty too??? That's just unfair lol... the only problem is I'm not sure which league I'd join. The leagues here are fine, but in my experience 25% of the people go inactive. Also, the league I'm in rn has a groupchat where we talk about trades and we can stay active, and it feels more fun that way. In these leagues you kinda draft then once a month get a trade proposal from someone. If anyone knows a good ESPN dynasty league I'd join, but not sure where to look for one that stays active.
  6. I've got a dilemma now. The commissioner randomly changed it to a 4 keeper league when everyone else thought it was dynasty... so we all drafted as such. I don't think the commissioner did this on purpose, as this is his first time playing fantasy baseball and he probably got confused. Should I trade away some players that I won't be able to keep, such as Lux, Lewis, and Wander Franco to try and win this season? Or should I basically sacrifice this season to see how they all do to determine who I should keep. Because for a dynasty this was great, but with 4 keeper there's a lot of great talent I'll lose. Ideas anyone?
  7. Meadows... Judge is surprisingly almost 30 and he can't stay healthy
  8. Damn just got Eloy for a solid price. Sixto, Britton and Merrill Kelly. I didn't think anything of Merrill Kelly, I actually dropped him by accident. In this league relief pitchers are useless compared to starters, so I was fine with trading Britton, and Sixto I loved but needed to give up someone quality. Eloy seems to be good in this league as it really favors home runs.
  9. I feel fine with moving Sanchez, but what are your thoughts on Keller? I only decided to move him in this case because at the time, I was thinking Correa was still the star he once was. Does Keller have ace potential?
  10. My team is in this post. I'd trade Mitch Keller and Sixto Sanchez for Carlos Correa. I was gonna do it until I looked up his injury history, and now I'm having doubts. H2H Points, 19 teams, Dynasty
  11. I'm not sure what I'd do tbh, but I just gotta say that's some good a** pitching you have lmao. I have similar pitchers in my dynasty
  12. Yeah I'm trying to trade Sixto for a quality bat