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  1. Take Seager. Astros are going to have a tough go at it this season and Seager in that dodgers lineup has tons of potential.
  2. It just is hard to give up the top pitcher in the game, even if the value isn’t there like it is with Castillo. Am I making this harder than it is?
  3. I feel like Cole is the choice for this year, but the value of Castillo at that pick would have upside for years to come
  4. Bundy is a tough bet. AL west isn’t the AL east, but man, that’s rough
  5. Who to keep? Dynasty keeper league. Only can keep 5 (1 must be pitcher, 1 must be waiver) and already have Bellinger, Acuna, Tatis Jr., Biggio (waiver), and need a SP. Cole counts as 3rd rounder castillo counts as 18th rounder 14 team league, 25 players per. Keepers bump up 2 rounds each year kept.
  6. Castillo would be my bet.
  7. Dallas all day. Puig isn’t even on a roster. If teams didn’t want him by now, outlook of him as a starter somewhere is going to be tough. Probably a time split if/when he does sign.
  8. Judge all day. Even at 13 that’s a great position. Tough to trust your whole season on the Astros and that shady mess they have been a part of.
  9. I like a pissed off kershaw this season. A little extra motivation for a guy that’s driven and usually puts up great numbers
  10. Devers has age on his side too for a keeper league so I’m not sure what you are in but even standard id take him
  11. That’s a ton of money for Machado. I feel like that’s a stretch. Trade that dude if you can with that salary to open up some cheaper options
  12. Buxton is a tough one to trust, I’d go with Villar
  13. I agree that Puig is a pass. I like Bauer a lot...guy is a jerk but tons of talent there. And probably Gurriel since he’s so cheap. Astros hitters will be tough to judge this year. But at that price that’s not bad.