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  1. This is a 9x9 keeper category league that's been going for around 10 years. We have two vacancies and would be looking for someone to take over one of the teams. Categories are the usual 5x5 plus BB, K, TB, and OPS on the hitting side and BB, K/9, OBPA, and QS on the pitching side. We start 3 OF, 2 Util, No CI or MI, 2 SP, 2 RP, 3 P and a deep bench. Daily league with daily transactions. Prizes are $200 for winning the playoffs, $150 for finishing second, $50 for finishing third, and $100 for winning the regular season. As commish I also do other fun contests randomly throughout the year out of my own pocket. The keeper rules are that you MUST keep 5 players and you can keep a sixth player if you give up your first pick. You can keep a player indefinitely, no contracts or restrictions. We also have offseason trading too, which I can explain if you want details. Team 1 has these players: Villar, JD Martinez, Trea Turner, Rizzo, Gallo, Lance Lynn, Marco Gonzales, Kimbrel, Tanaka, David Price, and a few other notable names. Team 2 has Bellinger, Kris Bryant, Bregman, Starling Marte, Torres, Gerrit Cole, Kenley Jansen, Eduardo Rodriguez, Robbie Ray and a few other notable names. Please tell me if you're interested!