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  1. If someone loses their employer health care coverage due to being laid off or fired, they can usually apply for Medicare fairly quickly and remain covered.
  2. I bet Crimea isn't laughing that hard after they were invaded/annexed by Russia. Nor are Southeast Asian nations laughing as hard as you are while they are disputing China's increasingly expansionist claims in the South China Sea by building artificial islands. But by all means, keep deluding yourselves into thinking America's unquestioned military dominance is NOT preventing these two superpowers from making further territorial gains.
  3. People forget that without the U.S. military, which is paid for by the American taxpayer, large swaths of this globe would be speaking Chinese or Russian. The socialist countries of Europe, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand are afforded an incredible luxury of being under the protection of an unparalleled military force, without which they would be mere puppets to the other great superpowers.
  4. I don't really post here, just a lurker. But I gotta comment and call you out for this bullshit. At a time of national crisis, we don't need your hyper-partisan bullshit. f--- off with your Trump Derangement Syndrome, "the dead will be in piles," "riots and such will happen" insanity. People like you are are what's making this situation even worse than it needs to be.