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  1. Carson will have competition from Penny by midseason, who may turn out to be a better back. Carson is also coming off a significant injury, though so is Penny. Chubb is just a better RB and should find the endzone more with a legitimate offensive coach. A Jones was a fantasy freak last year, finding the endzone at a ridiculous pace. Sure there will be regression, but I think he still has a significantly better year than Carson. Gus Edwards will end up this years Breida. I would be surprised if he had more than 60 attempts, where last year he had 133. maybe half a dozen DNP. Justice Hill I actually like, but he lost more by the drafting of Dobbins long term than anyone. He should see more receptions than last year, but I do not see him doing much more. I do not think Baltimore's record will regress. I do not see 14-2, as teams will scheme to make Lamar beat them from the pocket, not give him everything like last year. Kap and Vick were eventually contained by opposing DC. I think they want to limit Lamar's wear and tear a tad, which could lead to more overall carries for back. Ingram also missed week 17, so he could repeat last years 228 touches in a full season I predict Baltimore will be playing meaningful games in December, for seeding. Cleveland and Pitt will be better because of coaching and returns from Injury. I don't think you can simply go by last years records to determine who is going to be weak this season. I hope my redraft is sleeping on Eckler as much as those are here. All he did was beast with out Gordon and it continued when Gordon returned.
  2. [...] I clearly said the last 6 weeks AND the playoffs. That is almost half a years worth of sample size, and the last 10 weeks of their season. That is what I project going forward. They didn't add a legit back in FA or the draft, and traded Breida. So they are satisfied with Mostert carrying the load, with Coleman in a robin role. In my league those were the numbers. I found the difference, we play in IDP, and Mostert had 5 tackles on special teams. Mostert also had 2 fumbles lost to Sander 1. So there was no errors. Just different scoring. Last year: Sanders had 179 carries for 818 yds, 3 rushing TD and 50 receptions for 509 yards 3 Tds - 6 total Tds starting 2/3 of the year - 192.9 points Mosterst had 137 carries for 772 yds, 8 rushing TDs and 14 receptions for 180 yards 2Tds - 10 total Tds starting 1/3 of the year - 166 points I project Sanders having 210 carries for 940 rushing yards, 5 rushing TDs, 56 reception for 530 yards and 4 Rec Tds, 9 total TDs - 229 points I project Mostert having 185 carries for 1050 rushing yards, 12 rushing TDs, 20 receptions for 260 yards and 3 rec Tds, 15 total TDs - 231 points My point was never to trash Sanders, only to validate my rankings. [...]
  3. no offense these are way out there across the board. Kamara ahead if Zeke is just the tip of the iceberg. chubb and Jones below Carson? No Eckler at all? Ingram below Montgomery and singletary? Baltimore will pull what Dallas did with Demarco Murray and run him into the ground trying to win a title. Then let him walk after this year. Dobbins reminds me of a former Oklahoma State and 2004 2nd round Denver Bronco Tatum Bell. He will have some success in the NFL, but too fragile for the position at this level. I could see Dobbins getting hurt as a rookie.
  4. I prefer to wait On TE unless Kelce foolishly slide to round 3. TE looks deeper to me than I can remember. My targets will be Hurst, Gesicki, Jarwin, hockenson, and Doyle. I’ll probably take two of these 5 and play the hot hand. . Players I’m avoiding unless the value is stupid : Engram, been there done that! Rudolph, completely TD dependent Olson, should have retired. Don’t see him making the season
  5. Time share until about week 6 then Taylor starts to pull away against the Bungles. By fantasy playoffs, Taylor should beast against Raiders, Texans, and if we make the fantasy Championship against a somewhat tougher assignment @Pitt.
  6. Floor is 65/1000/6 I could see 80/1200/8 The latter is 2019 Amari Cooper territory. Or what I would call 15-20 range when you put the injured studs back up there. Guys like Adams, Hill, Evans, and Thelien significantly higher.
  7. Dallas had Amari and Gallop and still took Lamb in round 1. That is always a threat. Washington needs weapons badly. They have an aging RB to go with a brittle one. Possibly the worst starting TE in the league, and not much besides Terry on the outside and he still had a great first year. I would expect 1000 yards, 6 TDS and 65 catches as his floor next season. Deebo is another situation entirely. He is in a significantly better offense, though completely run first. The 49ers have one of the top TE in the league they rely on heavily, and They have a considerably better defense at worst keeping the running game involved for 4 qtrs. Garbage yards And scores for Terry will be the difference maker between these two next season with Washington lucky to win 4 games and blown out in 10. Terry is my top option of this group next season. Though I have enjoyed the info by several.
  8. [...] Week 17, Sanders had 12 touches to Mostert's 11. And you say Sanders more or less missed week 17? Guess according to you Mostert DNP?! Week 11 Sanders had 14 touches and lead his team in rush attempts. While Mostert had half the attempts as Coleman 12-6. Mostert hadn't won the job yet. SO of course you want to include this week in your argument. And remove week 17, when Mostert was rolling, even with fewer touches than Sanders. Getting to your other argument, Weeks 11-16 in both of my leagues, Sanders outscored Mostert by 8.1 pts, while in week 11-17 Mostert outscored Sanders by 9 pts. So tell me again which was more significant amount and which was pretty much even? SF just added Trent Williams to an already mauling OL, and Philly just lost their best blocking OL for the year. Mostert led the league in yards per carry, minimum 50 carries according to Matthew Berry on his podcast on ESPN, and Mostert is a clearly more efficient player in a much better rushing offense, so he doesn't need as many touches to outproduce Sanders. I had the two players back to back in my rankings, so I had them close to start. I am not arguing Sanders is a bum. Mostert just plays in a run heavier offense behind a better OL, and with a considerably better D, giving them the ball more late with the lead to run out the clock. He is more efficient and scores more TDs by a significant margin. I do not see anything but upside. Plus He is likely to be picked a full round to 1.5 rounds later.
  9. Its hard to ignore the last 6 weeks of the regular season and the playoffs after he took over the bell cow roll in SF. That looked better to me than anything Sanders did at any stretch of the season. I love Chubb, but getting in the end zone is what is holding him back for me. I might be tempted to swap Chubb and Mixon for the same reasons. But the Mixon love here is strong.
  10. 1. Christian McCaffrey, CAR 2. Saquon Barkley, NYG 3. Ezekiel Elliott, DAL 4. Derrick Henry, TEN 5. Dalvin Cook, MIN 6. Alvin Kamara, NO 7. Aaron Jones, GB 8. Kenyan Drake, AZ 9. Joe Mixon, CIN 10. Austin Ekeler, LAC 11. Nick Chubb, CLE 12. Josh Jacobs, LV 13. Raheem Mostert, SF 14. Miles Sanders, PHI 15. Mark Ingram, BAL 16. Melvin Gordon, DEN 17. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC 18. Leonard Fournette, JAX 19. Todd Gurley, ATL 20. Jonathan Taylor, IND 21. James Conner, PIT 22. Chris Carson, SEA 23. Devin Singletary, BUF 24. Le'Veon Bell, NYJ 25. Sony Michel, NEP 26. David Johnson, HOU 27. Cam Akers, LAR 28. David Montgomery, CHI 29. Matt Breida, MIA 30. Phillip Lindsey, DEN 31. Kareem Hunt, CLE 32. Derrius Guice, WAS Someone is going to lead TBB and DET, but I think whoever it is, will be no better than the bottom tier. Players I could see tumble are Kamara, Gurley, Carson Players I could see rise are Eckler, Mostert, Lindsey Obvious Injury risks I could see not end up top 32, Gurley, Conner, Carson, Bell, and Guice
  11. Looking at last years top 10, Fournette is the most likely to drop. From week 9 -17, drake was top 4, but I see Barkley surpassing him. another interesting note, from week 9 - 17, Aaron Jones slides from 2 to 8. eckler was strong all year even with Gordon there. I see some regression, but not outside top 12. I also think Mixon is fools gold. I’m a Sooner fan, so I love him. But I see that D being horrible taking the rushing game out of the game plan before halftime. If he beasts it will be receptions. You simply want more than 8 TDS from your top pick. So It’s a easy pass for me in Mixon.
  12. This guy will finish top 25, so low end 2/ high end 3. He landed 28th in my leagues and misses 2 games with awful QB play. Haskins has to be better! RB/RB/Golladay/Ridley/ RB/ Scary Terry
  13. Navigate this site. There is a ton of info to find. Simply go to the player name search bar for a rookie LB or DE and you can find 40 times and adjusted SPARQ athleticism. Most of the depth charts don’t have the sleeper rookies so you have to search for them that way. 17 year 16 team lDP dynasty league with 35 man rosters and 12am taxi squads. Been doing this research on defense players here for as long as I can remember. Name a year and I’ll go to MFL and I’ll tell you who I drafted. This year on defense I took flyers on Jacob Phillips, ILB for Cleveland from LSU and Brandon Jones Miami Safety from Texas, as well as Troy Dye Minn LB from Oregon. The early round guys are easy to sift through. It’s the later rounds where the research makes a difference.
  14. Clearly you don’t know a lot of things. So that isn’t saying much! What I know is you seem clueless anytime you post. This was just an easy target! No Chubb, no AJones, No Jonathon Taylor? Boston Scott is gonna poach TDs, He had 5 to Sanders 6 in less touches 85 to Sanders 229. Williams isn’t a bum like you make him out to be. Backs don’t Avg 4.5 yards a carry if they suck.in fact Williams had more 100 yard games and more TDS in fewer touches than Sanders whom you like so well. Reid loves to rotate backs, so CEH isn’t benching him! Likely 60/40 split. Eckler is a check down phenom, so Taylor isn’t gonna hurt his value. In fact it could actually help him with defense having to respect Taylor on design runs and read option. Akers was never special at Fla.St. I hope he will produce as I own shares. But I am no way this optimistic year 1. Jonathon Taylor is going to beast behind that line. Something Mack wasn’t capable of. Aaron Jones is Due for TD regression, but to not make your rankings is ignorance Explanations are worse than the actual rankings.