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  1. I am the commissioner of a 10 team yahoo Superflex .5 PPR 2 flex no kicker no trades I like my team unfortunately I am being deployed and will not be able to participate looking for someone good and if interested could become commissioner rsol2112@yahoo.com Lamar AJ Brown Chark Jacobs Sanders Fant Montgomery RoJo Stafford Bridgewater Diontae Johnson Guice Gallup Mattison Pollard AB Foles No DST yet
  2. Name a few players that up and disappeared a few off top of head Jason Bay Alain Craig Lastings Milledge (5 tool lol)
  3. Yahoo Superflex need good owners Half point PPR no trades or kicker 2 Flex Draft is Sunday, June 21 6:30 PM league name is super flex express be active be good and bring your smack talk
  4. A forgotten star truly a great playerA forgotten star truly a great player
  5. 330 in nationals park? You got my attention [...]
  6. Canna get a What What almost cost me a lung funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time
  7. I hate to say this and keep in mind I am a bit vision impaired so don’t know if it has been mentioned here yet but when blankety blank Jeter came flying into the camera view from left to right forgot which game might have been World Series cuts off the throw from the outfield throws the ball to home runner out Jeter had no business being there but he was ...quintessentially Jetarian
  8. Big fan of Shogo Akiyama. Try it with wasabi
  9. Looking to draft or take over existing team no keepers or Dynasty or holds
  10. No Dynasty no keepers no holds