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  1. Looking for committed owners for the long run $50 entry fee Lineup: 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 2 Flex 1 Superflex 12 Bench 2 Ir NO KICKERS OR DEFENSE Scoring settings are basic PPR settings (if you want special scoring settings im open to anything with a league vote) Draft The auction draft will be done on MFL, currently under a free trial, BUT AFTER THE DRAFT THE LEAGUE WILL BE ON SLEEPER. Auction draft will be completed when league is full and everyone votes on a start time. Each team will have a $300 auction budget Each team will have one person nominated at all times until they are full, 12 players should be up for auction at all times. VETS/ROOKIES will be drafted A player will be won after having a bid last 12 hours (the winning bid time and players up at one time are up for debate with a vote) Inaugural Rookie draft the order will be determined by flipping the bottom 6 teams at the end of the regular season for the first through sixth pick and the ending playoff rankings will be flipped to determine the 7th through 12th pick. The draft will continue to be an auction with each pick being worth a certain amount of $ Waivers Blind FAAB budget of 100$ each season 6 team playoff Payouts 600$ total 1st: 350 2nd: 150 3rd: 50 Most points reg season: 50 (payouts can also be voted on if someone wants a change) https://sleeper.app/i/QNkPE8wqewz0 Theres the link if you want to look at the other settings
  2. would like for the league to be on sleeper and preferably an auction draft but open to a snake
  3. looking to do between $25-$75, any amount of teams