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  1. A defamation and libel offense is a penalty that is considered when a person understands that certain information or opinion that harms or may cause qualitative harm to the morality or honor of a person or of several persons. The insult is any affront expression, any invective or term of contempt, that does not contain the imputation of a precise fact. The defamator refers to a particular, accurate or false fact that attacks a person's honor or consideration, such as for example: Jim was the one who stole the horse from Drake. In trading different course sellers at very high prices have campaigned against different traders, the strongest has been against Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor, a Spanish trader who offers free trading courses and strategies on Facebook and his youtube channel, many of these campaigns are led by Spanish traders like José Luis Cases Lozano and another who undoubtedly feel threatened with free courses. Why is it happening? This is because the trading business is based on initial learning, the more people you can attract and get money to teach them, then you get popularity and extra profits plus investments, but if any trader or teacher offers the free forms classes it would create problems for promoting their expensive courses. And this works in all areas, in education it works the same way. That is why they use campaigns to discredit other entrepreneurs, companies and anyone who is a threat to their profits, as I said before Mr Fernando Martínez Gómez-Tejedor (Spain) has been the victim of false and serious accusations. We can't believe any lies that arise on the net if there is no real evidence, let's remember that people with money pay others to generate false information, an example is the case of actor johnny depp and liar Amber Heard. Do you think that free teaching should be allowed or should it be privatized?
  2. End Game is the best I have ever seen.
  3. I am listening to one of the last XXXtentacion albums.
  4. I'm watching "The purge".
  5. I mostly watch animated series, for example "Rick & Morty" "Bojack Horseman".