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  1. Redraft. Need to pick up at least 1, 2 if I drop Lux How would you rank these guys ROS?
  2. 2 starts next week but he gets Colorado and SD. Worth the starts or shying away?
  3. Would you consider rolling him out if you didn’t have a cap? Im leaning it’s too risky
  4. Eaton, Cain, Pollock, Reynolds, Edman. Which 1 of these are you NOT starting? 5x5c h2h
  5. McNeil, Edman, Pollock, Cain, Mercado, Reynolds, Verdugo, McCutchen. which 4 would you start today? Normal 5x5 cat
  6. Normal 5x5 cat h2h. Which would you start? only room to start 1
  7. @HOOTIE Didnt realize guys got sent down for random reasons like this until doing some research. Appreciate it! Now it’s time to start drinking!
  8. @HOOTIE 1st time playing fantasy baseball. Dodgers just sent May down.. I should just stash him?
  9. @hockeyfan77 Both are owned but I’ll keep an eye out if they get dropped. Thanks! @The Big Bat Theory @Heretic Thanks for the clarifications
  10. @Heretic Daily roster moves are allowed and 6 adds per week. Do the adds not count FA? I’ve added 2 FA and it says I’m still 0/6 for the week. It only counts if it’s a waiver add? Also what exactly is a platoon guy? Is that the equivalent of a running back by committee situation?
  11. @The Big Bat Theory I’m an avid fantasy football player, have been for many years. Won 8/11 leagues last year 😁. Some of my league mates wanted to try out baseball since we’re all baseball fans anyways which is why we decided to create this league. It’s a small $10 buy in just for a little incentive to win. 3 or 4 of the guys are seasoned fantasy baseball players but most of us are brand new. Have really enjoyed the draft and the complexity of strategies baseball affords vs football so I feel I’ll really get into it but for now just getting my feet wet. So far all were doing is redraft, we’ll probably do a dynasty soon after everyone has a feel for how the game is played, next year or the year after I’d assume. Appreciate all the reading material since I’m being quarantined again (bar owner in Texas 😡) I will definitely be active here. Thanks again!
  12. @The Big Bat Theory @secretagentman thanks for the help! I dropped Happ for Fulmer (threw him on IL) and Rich Hill. Are y’all thinking that holding May isn’t great? I’m not sure who I’d replace him with and he’s got a shot at being in the rotation I think? Is this a good place to ask about start/sit type things during the season? This is the only community I’ve found to be really helpful so far. Again appreciate the feedback, thanks!
  13. Maybe it would help if I asked more specific questions. Also, this is redraft. How many pitchers vs batters do you like having on the bench in this kind of format? How many SP vs RP do you like holding? Would you drop Happ for Rich Hill or Cole Hamels?
  14. This is a 12 team H2H cats league. R/Hr/RBI/SB/Avg , W/SV/K/Era/Whip minimum 20 innings pitched per week. My team: C - Vazquez 1B - Rizzo 2B - Altuve 3B - Jeff McNeil SS - Lindor OF - L. Cain, Y. Alvarez, Mercado UT - Goldschmidt, Eaton BN - Edman, B. Reynolds, Verdugo, A. McCutchen SP - Scherzer, Gray, Tanaka, Lynn, R. Ray, Urquidy, J. Happ RP - Hader, E. Diaz, D. May Have 8 spots to start pitchers Notable guys on waiver: Ottavino, Rich Hill, Pomeranz, Britton, Hamels, D. Murphy, J. Alfaro, A. Pollock, E. Pagan, B. Posey Any help/feedback/moves would be much appreciated. I have no idea what I’m doing 😬