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  1. I know Elway has a lot of clout in this town from his playing days but I think the fan base is already a little miffed at his QB choices since Manning. Oswiller & Paxton Lynch in the draft. Flacco & Keenum in FA. Plus a year of Siemien. I doubt they give a 2nd round pick his whole rookie contract (4 years) to prove himself capable. This offense is set up to be very good with above average QB play. Average or below average (like a 20th ranked qb or worse) and I think they look for an upgrade next year. For the record, I do think Lock has potential to be in the qb 12-16 range this year
  2. There were apparently a few teams that did not want Cam or Jameis as a backup to their young QB so they were not looking over their shoulder all year. Maybe Denver was one of them. Jets, Cleveland also? Some teams just don’t want the potential controversy after 1 bad game. Maybe Cam is never in Broncos plans, but I do think Lock has to show vast improvement this year to guarentee his starting job next summer
  3. I think this is a make or break year for Lock. If he falters, I see Elway going for a proven veteran next year (Cam, Winston, Dalton even). Can’t wait long for a young QB to figure it out when you have an aging Von Miller making 20 million a year