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  1. Looking too join or take over few larger roster IDP teams ...yahoo/espn platforms got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com if u trying too fill a void
  2. got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com I'll take whatever team ya want
  3. I'll definitely take it, if still open got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com
  4. got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com throwing this here in case ya hit a bump with somebody , thanks !
  5. I'll take anything u cant fill got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com Thanks
  6. If ya not full yet I'm definitely interested got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com
  7. Got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com if you looking too fill up still
  8. Got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com if you still got a spot ...prefer VGJ squad if possible
  9. Looking for a deep established free mlb league got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com Thanks
  10. Looking for a deep established free nfl league got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com Thanks