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  1. Love the upside with this kid, not your typical burner. Has a little thickness to him.
  2. Going to run him out one more time, he was all over the map in his last start. 98 mph nibbler, discouraging.
  3. Thanks. I simply stated a fact for him, not sure why he keeps arguing them. If I don't make it another day on these boards , thanks for the feedback guys.
  4. If you can't read, I've got no time for you.
  5. Mack was literally their only good offensive player last year man. Seems counterproductive to take touches from your best offensive player, why not run it much more and bring him in some help? Oh!!! they did!!! Also, they lost because of an abysmal kicking game, poor qb play and injuries to an already thin defense. Lack of big plays was detrimental, but they could easily have made the playoffs had they replaced vinny and had a qb like Rivers.
  6. and I keep repeating that i know they want to win, but you obviously aren't reading your replies.
  7. Fair enough, I just feel the Colts D will be so much better this season and they were extremely close despite the off the awful season from Vinny and and the brutal qb play. IMO, They're going to run it straight down the South's throat. I see regression for the Titans as well, but I think it's going to be more dramatic. I hope I'm right, but I'm wrong a lot.
  8. They're very competent. Competent enough to know that Mack was their BEST offensive player last year that wasn't an olineman. Competent enough to build on that and be able to do more of it this year. This is the last reply you get from me, it's pretty obvious you don't watch Mack and you don't have much to offer knowledge wise. I'm not really interested in interacting with you, enjoy the season.
  9. I've said it already, let Mack slide if you like. I'll take him way before those ADP's, so they're irrelevant to me. Howard and Mack are prob great comps and their usage will probably be similar as well, although i believe Mack has underrated hands in the passing game and could succeed as a 3 down back on a team without a Taylor and Hynes in the mix. Health is really the only issue I ever worry about with Mack. I'm not sure how Mack got so underrated, I'm loving it though. If Taylor doesn't put the ball on the ground early on, he probably gets a lot of goal line work. ( some other posters have mentioned this and I failed to acknowledge it.) should have mentioned that i think Mack has much more potential for the big play these days and that no one was really reaching for Sanders the way some seem to be reaching for JT. Sanders won me a league last year. I had zero confidence starting him with howard in, He was literally a no-brainer with him out. That usage prob would have continued for a while despite Sanders being better.
  10. Yeah when it comes down to this comp, I'm out. My ignore list is growing steadily, but it's a fair price to pay to isolate knowledgeable posters.
  11. If Jonathon Taylor went down with a torn acl on carry number 1 this year. The colts would still have a good shot at the AFC South.
  12. Gotta think Reich, Ballard and Sirianni realize though that Taylor was averaging those numbers in college while MM was stiff- arming the heads off of NFL linebackers the past two seasons. Those numbers should be staggeringly better. I just want to say a s a Colts fan, I hope y'all are on the money about Taylor. I have high hopes for him, I just think touches are going to be spread between a dynamite backfield and he may be getting a little too much early hype. I just realized you werent comparing taylor's college numbers, my bad.
  13. Thanks for the respectful response(we need a little more of that these days). On the flip side of your argument, why not run Mack into the ground in his last year under contract(when he's basically got every reason to ball out) and save some juice for your future stud? Jacobs and Sanders didn't have a 1000 yd rusher with a new contract to earn in front of them either. Sanders needed an injury as well. I'll go with the under on 250 touches, hynes will play some third downs as well as open sets. The Colts are running their way to the AFC South folks, they're going to spread the touches out and there'll be a lot of them. Have a great weekend.
  14. Again, the Brady comp is just not relevent. One makes 30 mill, is a qb and is in the twilight of his career. Mack is 24 and the Colts first 1000 yd rusher since Addai. The colts were absolutely happy with Mack last year.I'll take their word for it and use some common sense when looking at their roster and payroll for next year. Is that supposed to be whoa or wooo...they're two different words. Also, no need to lecture me on the cruelty of the NFL, I've been seeing it for a long time man. To anyone jumping in and seeing this, I should clarify again....I believe both backs will get work and I think it's common sense if you understand the NFL in the least.
  15. I love Taylor's upside, But there's no scenario(outside of injury) where I don't see the Colts using Mack AND Hynes as well. There is a ton of talent in that backfield and they'll utilize every bit of it. As a Colts fan first and fantasy fan second, I'm excited for Taylor...but they have zero need to rush him. 100% agreed on the rookie rb hype.