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  1. Pretty sure Reich didn't handle play calling duties, but he's well known around the league as a quarterback whisperer type. As a Colts fan, I feel like Frank is a good teacher...not so sure about his game plan and in game adjustments. Overall, I like the guy and think he'll improve as a coach on game day. Unless Pederson feels lost without him or possibly Wentz, IMO he's not what they're missing.
  2. I've been screwed enough by the COVID situation that I'd have zero problem starting him, if I think he'll outpoint Mike Williams in my flex. It's just business, if you can't deal you shouldn't play.
  3. I was tough on him coming into the season, and got lit up for it on here. I'm going to start him today, not because I feel like he's going to get a huge workload...but because I feel like he's going to break one. Also...my other options suck.