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  1. What was MUCH better than it is right now? Are you doubling down on your statement on the health of the O line? I'm not going to follow down the wormhole of O line importance vs QB. Arguments can be had and I'm not convicted to recant or defend either side. The reason for my post is to inform that this line (the version we've known from yesteryear) was never full this year, and to argue otherwise will be foolish. We've seen no fewer than 4LTs, 2LGs, 2C, 3RG, & 3RT this season. Some have gone and come back. Lately they were on the come with health again. I will stand by my statement of once Dak was lost, FF points evaporated.
  2. O line has not been healthy at all this year. RT Collins never played. LT Tyron Smith played a few sporadic quarters. Martin has been in/out of lineup and now looks to be out for a while. Even backups to those guys have been on IR so far. Dak was the glue that was holding things together. With Dak and a battered line the first 5 weeks, no one was the wiser. Fantasy points evaporated the moment he was lost.