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  1. We will start shortly after getting 2 more owners!
  2. Still looking for 2 more owners!
  3. I have a $150 entry fee per team league looking for a few more owners. It is on CBS Sports, a new dynasty league, PPR, Super flex, and we use leaguesafe. If you are interested let me know and will send more details. londoll6@hotmail.com
  4. Still looking for 2-3 more owners! Lon
  5. Looking for a few more for a $150 PPR Dynasty League starting as soon after it fills. !00% payout less CBS fee and a small first year orphan league fee. 11 starters with a S-flex a 10 player bench and 12 keeper. I will email also. Would be glad to have you. Any questions please email londoll6@hotmail.com
  6. Price is $150 per year and the draft will start shortly after filling. It is a extended or slow draft on CBS Sports and leaguesafe.
  7. I am looking for a few more owners to fill a 14 team dynasty league with 2 flex and a super flex. Starting this year on CBS Sports. If you are interested please email me at londoll6@hotmail.com for more details. Lon
  8. I am looking for 4 more to fill out a 14 team dynasty league with PPR scoring and a super flex. I use CBS sportt I fyou are interested please email me londoll6@hotmail,comfor all the details. Lon
  9. Leaguesafe with 100% payout less CBS fee and an orphan team fee.
  10. Looking for 4 more owners for a Dynasty football league. $150 entry done on CBS Sports. PPR. 14 teams snake draft, 1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 1-K, 1-Def, 2-Flex, 1-Super flex. and 10 bench. 12 keepers. Most of the players are in multiple fantasy leagues so should be competitive. If interested email and will answer your questions, or get you an invite.