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  1. I pushed back to 8:30 PST. I can't draft tomorrow. Doing my best to fill this but the last spot is killing us
  2. OK but one guy already in doesn't want to push back the time. 8:30 PST is only option
  3. Payment here. Expecting ppl paid before draft
  4. Pushing the draft back an hour is an option but not sure if everyone is fine with it
  5. 3 more spots Here's the payment info for anyone who joined. I'm working just about right until draft time so hopefully people will be organized with this
  6. 4 spots left in a $50 roto
  7. Sounds good. 8/12 now. I'm kind of worried that there's 2 guys named Thomas registered. Hoping they're 2 different people haha
  8. Up to 7/12 teams now. Looks like it has a chance to fill up