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  1. I'm interested in a high stakes league. Is this a dynasty league?
  2. Do you guys want to join up here and I will talk to the commish about budging on a few rules. I'd like to get this draft rolling and i don't necessarily love exactly how it's set up either. Please join if you're interested and lets start that discussion because a few people now have backed out because of how it's set up . Here is the link.. https://sleeper.app/i/jxLMWDmYKezo
  3. Once the league gets filled. Still need 3 more.. @Tackledummy8 I believe you joined it on sleeper and possibly left. Name is jmoneyshunnies on sleeper. LMK if you're still interested on there. I can send invites if you guys are interested. We can definitely discuss official rules if there is anything you are totally against. I'm not commish, my buddy is but I know he's down to discuss a few things
  4. Roster 2 qb 3 rb 4 wr 2 te 30 roster spots 4 owners needed!