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  1. Hey I'm sorry Fgreg, just came here to say that someone direct messaged me for team 2. Team 1 is still available. Fair warning, keeper lock time is 1pm (30 mins from now). I will send the invite right away though.
  2. Hey Everybody! I need two last minute replacement owners for a free ESPN keeper league drafting today. We are entering the 12th season with a really great core of owners 15 team 5x5 roto scoring Up to 10 players kept (each keeper counts as a draft pick) Draft is at 2pm ET today, must be available Team 1 potential keepers: Moncada, Suarez, C Santana, Rosario, Brantley, Tatis Jr, Scherzer, Snell, Chapman, a few other borderlines Team 2: Bellinger, Hoskins, DeJong, Meadows, Laureano, Syndergaard, Greinke, Jansen, Tanaka, a few other borderlines Please let me know your fantasy baseball experience, which team you want, and an email to send the invitation. Thanks!