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  1. Trevor Gott on that fateful weekend is probably the worst of the year
  2. Is this his last year as a first round pick?
  3. one of the biggest busts of the year never drafting again
  4. It's hard to understate how much of a disappointment this guy is. Does absolutely nothing except get hits with no one on base
  5. Does anyone know what the schedule is for this guy? Supposedly he's being activated soon from the COVID list?
  6. Any chance Padres would trade for a closer? Maybe a destination for Trevor Rosenthal? Never mind, didn't realize Pomeranz injury was probably just a 10 day thing.
  7. How many 1-3's, 2-4's does this guy get where he doesn't score any runs or get any RBIs? This is so frustrating
  8. OBP climbing toward .400, just hit a dinger. If he has a good series against bad Seattle pitching this might be the last time to grab him
  9. Do we have any idea what kind of draft position we're looking at next year? He's still crushing the ball.
  10. Imagine if the Marlins hadn't traded Zac Gallen, they could have such a fire rotation set up for the future.
  11. Yeah I agree, this is usually the case. I can think of exceptions like Rhys Hoskins but in general it's probably how it goes. The problem with Carlson is that his swings have looked really bad. When he makes contact he makes decently good contact but there are way too many confused swings.
  12. Textbook post-hype breakout
  13. Yeah no more of these unreliable starts. He's going to be good eventually but I'm not seeing a polished pitcher. Have a funny feeling Mize is gonna be way better out of the gate.