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  1. 1st team has been taken just need an owner for the 2nd team
  2. Need two managers for free to play football dynasty. We start our 3 round rookie offline draft on the 21st. if you would like to check the settings. 1st team finished last and needs work. Will have the 1st pick in all three rounds 2nd team finished third and has a solid lineup. Just needs someone to take it the rest of the way. Let me know if you are interested and which team and I'll shoot you and invite.
  3. 3 managers are needed for a dynasty football league with idp. We will be having an offline 3 round rookie draft starting on the 21st. One team finished last and will pick first in the three rounds. 2nd team will draft 7th in all 3 rounds 3rd team finisher third and will draft 10th. if you contact me I'll go over the rosters with you. The 1st team needs work but has 1st pick. 3rd team has a good roster. If you leave an email address I will contact you.