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  1. Hard push as we need just 5 more GM's! We're aiming to start our Dispersal Draft on October 2nd. We have a lot of work to do still to get there, including finishing up a 100% edit of our ratings (we're roughly 85% of the way through). Now is the time - apply here:
  2. 9/3 update: Don't miss out...just 6 spots left!
  3. 8/25 update: 17 GM's in place and we've reduced our subscription cost to $25 for Season One. Apply today before we fill up!
  4. 8/21 update: 15 GM's in place. Looking to get to at least 20 in the next few days. Join us!
  5. 8/13 update: 21 teams are still open! The taken teams: ANA, BUF, CGY, CAR, CHI, DET, OTT, PHI, SEA, TOR, VAN
  6. 8/10 update: BUF, CAR, CHI, OTT, PHI, SEA, TOR, VAN have been taken through the weekend. Officially 1/4th of the way there!
  7. If you've been longing for a realistic, long-term ownership league with dedicated Commissioners, an easy-to-use and engaging website, and an experience you just don't find en masse these days from sim hockey leagues, then this post is for you. Welcome to BEARD Hockey -- We are launching our subscription-based STHS league today with the aim of getting 30 general managers (Buffalo and Chicago are the only teams taken) who are active, dedicated, and driven. BEARD Hockey is 100% ownership - you control the destiny of your club, your players, your finances, and more. The highlights: Full 32-team Dispersal Draft This isn't your normal dispersal. In BEARD Hockey, not only do you select real-life NHL players, but your selection order for the 2020 Entry Draft is also in the dispersal pool (hello Lafreniere!). 44 rounds over three weeks (live and list submission), including selection of a pool of 15 prospects (which counts as one pick). FULL DETAILS: Sim-based Rerates, PLUS This is a true ownership league. In BEARD Hockey, how you manage your assets directly determines their future. However, we don't rely solely on the STHS Simulator for rerates. We add our 30+ years of sim hockey experience to provide realistic rerates every offseason. Plus, each club gets one NHL rerate to use each season. In-Season UFA Negotiations Just like in the NHL, BEARD Hockey GM's can have contract talks with pending UFA's during the season. Our Player Agent works within a unique system to supply counters to your offers, while a portion of these players head straight to offseason free agency to keep the UFA pool realistic. This is something few if any sim leagues can offer. Dynamic, Engaging Website We've spent a lot of time on the design of our website. While it may not have the "bells and whistles" of STHS-portal sites or the like, we've designed a sleek, interactive, and engaging place for BEARD Hockey GM's to ply their trade. Yep, we said subscription-based Each GM pays $50 per season to join. Those resources go directly back into the upkeep of the website, additional features such as a free download of the FC Hockey Draft Guide and access to their mock draft/reports builder, and our end-of-season awards, which include a BEARD Hockey Championship Title belt. Our commissioners have spent 100's of hours building this league and are dedicated to providing a realistic, entertaining, and fulfilling experience. We highly recommend checking out our Rulebook on the website before applying. All BEARD Hockey league details are contained in that document. Please be sure this is something you want to do! APPLY HERE: Questions? Comments? Just reply here or email me directly (address is on the website).