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  1. Or he gets two targets instead of three. This guy is so hit and miss but the upside is worth starting him. I agree that Fitzpatrick will be chucking it a ton this game. Hopefully a decent chunk of those targets go to Gesicki
  2. Rivers can’t throw deep, or even medium. Doesn’t bode well for pass catchers that don’t play TE or RB. If I manage to snag Jefferson it might be time to say bye bye to TY. Wouldn’t drop for the usual waiver wire garage though
  3. Wasn’t expecting much and this was ... not much
  4. Cocky pr*ck could have had 30 points. Still a nice game but f***
  5. Carson’s as tough as they come. If anyone can put this in the rearview and come back strong it’s him. Hoping for the best here
  6. I really need to stop benching this guy
  7. I don’t think you understand what best case scenario means