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  1. I would take Bell. Any part of that chiefs offence is good. Got to trust big Andy.
  2. I personally wouldn't do any of those deals. You've got good depth and Kyler is having a killer season. Just came off an 8 completion passing game for like 30 points.
  3. If I was you I'd 100% hold DHop. Maybe work a trade for Waller? Doesn't have the Kelce name but he's a very solid TE.
  4. 14 team 0.5 PPR. Reckon Smith is the go with the Saints WR injuries?
  5. Anyone think Gallup is worth a flier this week? Ive been decimated by injuries and don't have many options. I read Dalton gave him some looks in the redzone?
  6. Yeah I think it really comes down to how good AJ can be. I have him in my league and I have a gut feel that he will be a beast for the remainder of the season. So I probably value him a little too highly. But I think golladay and AJ is fair for Devante and Parker. If the trade doesn't go, offer Golladay and Jefferson for just Adams.
  7. Yeah 100% Golladay and AJ are way too much. Imo Golladay is a WR1 and AJ brown is trending that way. Can you base the trade on draft selections? I'm guessing Devante was taken top 5-10 but has already been Injured. Golladay would be roughly 15-20? I'm also assuming AJ would of been selected prior to Parker.
  8. There will be alot of bias so it's hard to convince a majority. Maybe they're upset that the trade gives you a better player and added ruggs, good depth. You could counter with just Devante and Parker ?
  9. Jee some of these are tough. Straight off the bat I like trade 1 because Gio is just a filler and Godwin IMO is a huge buy low at the moment. I also don't hate trade 3. Only issue is MT hurt his hamstring so not sure when he's back.
  10. Yeah, I wouldn't do it. CMC is great value but both DJ and Godwin seem like a lot to give up and will hurt your WR depth.
  11. Agree with others. If he plays Jonnu is a lock. I think they'll both have solid floors this week fwiw.
  12. I agree with Tusb. You can role out Adams and DK. That's an elite pair. I do like AJ brown though but he Parker is still serviceable.