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  1. You been watching Foles and the Bears on offense? Nothing good to say there. Bucs marching up and down the field on their defense with ease. And it's about to be 17-0
  2. Game is clearly headed towards a rout at this current pace. Brady won't be slinging it around when it's 24-0 and Miller hasn't gotten one look yet
  3. Traded for and started Scotty Miller tonight smh. Looking like a total zero if he doesn't produce anything on this next drive
  4. Anyone see Ridley as being potentially similar to Juju with AB? Ascendant talent and great in their own right but performs way better with the #1 WR HOF talent opposite them on the field?
  5. We starting Crowder with Darnold scheduled to be out? Anyone know of Flaco's history in targeting slot guys?
  6. I'm gonna try and pick this guy up. With the matchup vs Atl a lot of people could have him fill in for busts like Drake or bye week guys like Jones. I think his inactive status in yahoo and other apps will keep people away so you'll be able to grab him as a free agent.
  7. I shipped him off prior to last week but some silver lining could be that Wentz looked a lot better last week. I don't know what Wentz statline ended up being but he played great last week. Only problem is that it could require some patience with Ertz if you don't like the idea of running Ertz out vs PItt
  8. Absolutely no cause for concern with Tyreek. We've got the #3 WR in .5 PPR on our hands without any true Tyreek Hill ceiling games yet. A floor of 13 points is elite and is great given how there haven't been any shootouts.
  9. Wasn't able to watch the first half at all. Have Ito Smith and Brian Hill been getting all the Gurley snaps with them behind already?
  10. Drop city Got btfo anyways so wouldn't matter if I started him but he's not showing what he showed last year. No floor and no ceiling
  11. Bust Most useful as a bench piece and I'd try to sell him to Edmonds owner as a cuff so that guy can have the whole backfield
  12. I wouldn't consider folks playing cute semantics games "outsmarting" anybody but different strokes for different folks. Nice snark but see post above mine for context
  13. I'm aware MVS is filling Lazard's role. I was asking who is filling in as the #3 WR in the interim
  14. Anybody know who the next man up is with Lazard out? Would like to take a shot on him rather than MVS
  15. Picked him up as a free agent. Have a plethora of tight end options but I think Gronk is a valuable asset for anyone. He's got the name value, snap count percentage and built in chemistry with Brady. It also appears his role is becoming larger as he gets into better football shape and gets the Bucs' schemes down.