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  1. Henry was humiliated at home in their most important game of the season. That will happen when you are one dimensional.
  2. Lol all of your opinions come with no facts. Kamara has been the superior fantasy player the day he stepped into the league and that's just facts. Your only argument is that if Brees retires he'll be bad? Lol that's just a laughable opinion with the smallest of sample sizes and Hill was thrown into the fire in the middle of the season. Also with such a big workload that Henry needs to be viable he's more likely to come down with a serious injury than Kamara. Kamara is not volatile in fact the complete opposite LOL.
  3. Alvin Kamara will do fine with or without Brees next year. Taysom was thrown into the fire those 3 games, with preparation they will realize their team runs through Kamara and the short passes. The only sliver of hope that Henry can beat out Kamara is if he gets injured. Zero chance Kamara would get phased out with even with Taysom at qb LOL.
  4. Henry is good but he ain't no Alvin Kamara. Career year for Henry and Kamara still dusted Henry by 44 fantasy points, and even sat out week 17.
  5. Main difference is those guys listed aren't one dimensional and don't have stone hands and can actually catch the ball.
  6. Lol Derrick Henry ended up being a huge bust when you needed him the most, but that's what happens with one dimensional rb's that have stone hands and cant catch. its not very likely that Derrick Henry was on that many championship teams.
  7. The top 5 rbs next year are clearly CMC, Kamara, Cook, Henry, and Aaron Jones. I’d take Robinson just after Ekeler and Elliot, and J Rob is next and neck with Jacobs. Also Herbert wins ROY with ease.
  8. Why should Brees throw to him? He did him dirty, this is Kamara's team now.
  9. Lol Cook doesn't have cake matchups compared to Henry. They pretty much have had similar matchups all season they both faced indy and of course Dalvin did better than Henry. Henrys is a fine rb but hes no league winner like Kamara and Dalvin are dont fool yourself.
  10. Except when the jags have incompetent back up qbs. Besides Pitt, Texans have the easiest game of the week. Jags will get shredded.
  11. Green Bay is the fail proof pick of the week, no way they lose at home vs the Vikings. Only bad thing is the Packers are going to be heavily owned.
  12. Slant boy is the biggest puss in the league, he just wanted his money now he dgaf.
  13. This is what happens when MT does Brees dirty in the pre season for no good reason. This is Kamaras team now.
  14. Exactly completely different era’s. Are people really comparing Jerry Rice to Slant boy????? πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Just laughable, MT can’t hold Rice’s jock strap.
  15. Buffalo is too easy, see you next week guys!!!
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