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  1. It's as simple as the line finding the right mix in the right spots and two of the young guys playing really well. He's not constantly getting hit behind the line. That has a lot to do with Mitch playing well also.
  2. He’s definitely not the second coming of TRich...
  3. This guy with a competent, just average o line would be fun to watch on a weekly basis. Good player.
  4. Once again, he was the best offensive player on his team.
  5. Coming off a bye in GB and this is as dead as any team in the league including the Jets. What a disgrace. Nagy should be fired at halftime.
  6. Arians needs to go. This team has completely fallen apart.
  7. Did you watch the 3 games where he didn't have to do the dumb time share with Len?
  8. Getting some rookie year David Johnson vibes here.
  9. This is just an awful take. Look at the 3 games in a row with no Fournette. He looked great. There is no such thing as a 98 yard gift. There's a reason it doesn't happen often.
  10. Not cool watching Swift look as good as he has after passing him over for this guy.
  11. Mckissic getting the amount of targets he's gotten in the last 2 close, winnable games, is absolutely a reason they didn't win.
  12. This guy is absolute toast. How this is this same guy I owned as a rookie and in that insane year 2 is just astonishing. It looks like he has no clue how to play the position. And the most disturbing part is that it doesn’t appear that he cares. I doubt they will do it but they should give Hurts a shot.
  13. Poor kid would be a top ten rb and in the hunt for the rushing title if his coach didn’t dick him around the previous 3 games.
  14. 190 and a td and I have no idea if I can start him next week.
  15. Same. Most I’ve been happy for a player in a long time.
  16. Jones is just finished. Not the same guy he was a few weeks ago. You can see mentally he’s just done.
  17. 4 targets is criminal. That drop sucked but everyone drops passes. They know what they have, what a special talent he is. Just no excuse to not pepper this guy with targets. Horrible gameplan last night and they got whipped.
  18. About to put him in over RoJo. Prediction: 8-29-1 rushing/2-19 receiving
  19. You take what you get when you’re playing from behind and you have a qb that’s not capable of taking chances downfield. It almost worked for them. They got back in the game.
  20. For 3-4 straight weeks this guy was used as a workhorse and he barely broke a sweat looking like one of the best rbs in the league. Now he’s worthless because they signed an extremely overrated former first rd pick that they didn’t need. The joys of playing fantasy football.
  21. There was nothing elaborate going on. The Giants were playing way off the line and McKissic was just camping underneath the coverage so that’s what Smith took to keep the ball moving. He was wide open the entire 2nd half.
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