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  1. Ya I thought u were saying it still isnt clear now. But still williams was playing way more than dillon so it seemed pretty clear to me he was the handcuff
  2. williams played 90% of the snaps. Stop pinning your hopes on coach speak and pay attention to whats happening on the field lol.
  3. It would appear that smokey brown is also rather important.
  4. Hes not giving you kamara for anything close to that. Keep dreaming.
  5. Who would you rather have? 0.5ppr. WHIR
  6. Mods pls delete. I didnt see my previous post was still up.
  7. cmc sanders and taylor. So need him until cmc and sanders come back but have gio bernard jamaal williams As fill ins and hasty as well. 10 team so decent ww options (Might be able to get damien harris) gibson is on bye this week too and I can also try to pick up smokey brown on waivers. Think im gonna do it.
  8. didnt do it. Yet. Still mulling it over. Would you rather keep diggs or thielen?
  9. I would rather have fuller over godwin straight up. So no for me