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  1. cant, Andrews is on his bye and I need Tua for next week.
  2. Kudos to having the liberty of having to actually choose and not be forced to start both. I’d go with Jacobs
  3. Yeah I’d do it. Gotta have Mattison if you have Cook.
  4. I would rather have MT also. Way too much upside and he’s been extremely healthy for most of his career. The time to trade him was after week 1 not now.
  5. I’d do the trade and see if Cooks can net you a top 10 QB back on a trade
  6. I’m sure you can get a better TE and RB combo
  7. I’ve made many trades, probably the most in my league to get this team to where it’s currently at. its a 14 team .5ppr league QB: Murray, Tua RB: Cook, Chubb (IR), Taylor, Mostert, Mattison, Harris WR: Thomas, Adams, Golladay, AJ Brown, Antonio Brown TE: Andrews, Gronk D/STs: Rams K: Koo I actually don’t have a starting RB besides Harris this week, may have to take an L. I have an offer for Fournette for my Antonio Brown. What should I do and how’s the team? Whir!