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  1. I’m up by 3 points... he has Diggs I have Bass... need Bills to settle for long FGs
  2. Think if the Chiefs were that concerned about his hamstring then they wouldn’t play him at all. Fact he got two limited practices in and is playing in a great matchup means you have to play him. Even if he only plays a half he could have 25 by the time he sits. Just takes him one play to make a difference.
  3. Yikes this is a really tough spot. Can’t bench him but he could pull a Keenan Allen on us. [...] Anyone thinking of not playing him?
  4. I have Dalvin Cook and he has Jimmy Graham and a 6 point lead... need Dalvin to Cook on MNF! 🏈
  5. The guy I'm playing against had the 98 yard TD run by Jones.... smh
  6. I'm in the exact same boat. Have Fant and Goedert now too thought I was good haven't had a TE score more than 6 points all season. My TEs have combined for 40 points all season.
  7. I have the same Philly triple stack.....LETS GO!
  8. I prefer keeping Higgins and trading Samuel. The Panthers WR situation feels like a committee at the moment its really hard to trust any of them on a weekly basis. Less competition for Higgins and Burrow coming off bye should continue playing well and throwing a lot. They have a good connection.
  9. I'm sitting pretty in first place and already in playoffs. I have Dalvin Cook and was wondering if trading him for Derrick Henry at this stage makes sense given Henry's juicy playoff schedule. Cook's playoff schedule is Tampa Bay, Chicago, New Orleans while Henry has Detroit, Green Bay and Houston all great matchups. The Henry owner is fighting for his playoffs over coming weeks and Henry has some tough matchups... is this something to propose or is Cook a league winner regardless of matchup the way he is playing?
  10. Really liked what I saw from him last game so was happy to get him on waivers. Badly need a WR this week to fill in for a bye so hopefully he keeps producing. Anyone else starting this week?
  11. How do people feel about him this week? [...] Thought he had a good floor but last week proved that wrong.
  12. I’m actually a Bengals fan and am concerned with him having lost 3 lineman during the Browns game. The line which was already terrible and allowing constant pressures may be even worse this week.
  13. Is anyone concerned about the weather being a factor? I picked him up to stream with Murray on a bye but am afraid with Hurricane weather affecting game if its better to go with someone like Carr or Burrow this week instead.
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