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  1. *** **** this ******* stupid ****. After the one o’clock games I was feeling good facing kamara and gurley. But then I faced hill and thielen. So instead of an easy win I’m up eleven with Godwin vs kupp, succop, and bucs d. Screw espn screwy waivers. I dropped browns d early Friday morning to make room for a trade thinking i could get them back. Nope they were on waivers thru the weekend. Was thinking of scooping the saints but let my bias(falcons fan) impede me since I had hill already. So I played the chiefs d who got me negative one. The worst part? I debated benching them and at 810 I put them back in. Ps. Kareem hunt had like three goaline chances and one got overturned by inches. Smh I thought I may have a win with an all out dud from my backs(duke/miles/hunt) PSS: I turned down miles sanders for Allen like a week ago. Those 34 points would be nice rn 🤦😳
  2. Alright thanks guys. Was thinking reagor but sims last two games had me enticed, but that’s not a team that I really wanted to double dip with wrs anyways.
  3. Jefferson and hunt for me. Good luck yourself and thanks for the help!
  4. I would go with Herbert. Feels weird not picking Rodgers but Aaron Jones could just be in the zone and do the heavy lifting. Don’t have that same worry with the chargers. And that schedule is juicy so the rookie just barely imo
  5. Gibson and ceh I guess. Wow what options you got there lol.
  6. So given some recent trades to solidify other positions, I left myself with Pittman/lamb/Gallup as my third and bench wrs.(Terry and Godwin top 2). So with that said I was thinking about being proactive, and dropping Gallup for a wr with some nice potential. The top options are: Hardman/Reagor/Cam Sims/Perriman/Hamler/Grant.(if I miss someone please say him, probs will be out there!) So who if any would you guys feel comfortable rolling the dice and stashing in a ppr? Reagor was my initial choice, but seems like sims may be coming into his own with smith at qb.