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  1. When asked (after Bell's release) if he misused Bell, Gase's response was "That's irrelevant now." lmao
  2. I was 1st in points scored. Dropping to 2-3 as well, for the same reason. And lost Dak tonight.
  3. I'd still be unhappy with it, albeit a little less unhappy. The biggest problem is that the coaches fed all week that they recognized he needed more touches, even in negative game scripts. They immediately followed that up with giving him fewer touches - before the game was out of hand. And on 1st and goal at the 4 yard line, they attempted 3 passes in a row, missed all of them. It's this kind of poor play calling, on the heels of saying the things that were said, that I think us Robinson owners are most upset with. This has definitely soured my JRob love affair - and not anything to do with JRob, but it pretty clearly shatters my rose-colored glasses and brings home the reality that this is a bad team with horrible coaching/play calling. (Chark was barely involved tonight). Which we all should have seen coming. Which we were all warned about. Which we (or at least I) mostly ignored - because somehow JRob survived a bad team with bad coaching pretty well through 4 weeks. So yeah, the RB1 declarations may have been optimistic. And the reality sinking in is that it's more likely RB2 with weekly RB1 upside potential. Depending on league size, of course. Ranging from 10 teamers to 20 teamers, accordingly.
  4. I think I land on the side of the commish on this one. If the cancellation is announced prior to your designated sub's game starting, then you had opportunity to make the swap yourself. It's no different than a player coming off injury with a game-time decision. It's up to you to see what is going to happen and make the lineup changes necessary. Otherwise, you're essentially asking him to manage your roster for you.
  5. Maybe I am underestimating Claypool, I don't know. Be interesting to see what he does next week.
  6. Not even close. JJ has elite upside. And while I like Claypool, I don't think he's going to be consistent. Plus so many good targets on that team right now.
  7. I'm not advocating for Cooper to go anywhere, but I would love to see what Lamb could do on the outside against the top corners. If he can handle that and continue to be productive then he's a bona fide WR1 for the duration of his career.
  8. I think in redrafters his value takes a small dip at least. Won't really know what his production will look like for another week or two. But in dynasty I think his value went up today. Kid looks polished out there.
  9. Really wish I would have started Ertz today instead of Schultz. Because 2.6 points is > 1.6 points. That way my opponent could only brag about a 45 point lead, whereas now I have to listen to them bragging about a 46 point lead... #EfficientManagement
  10. This was absolutely gut wrenching to see. Haven't been that weak in the stomach over an injury in a long time. I wanted to cry with him on that cart.... 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
  11. You've got a stronger stomach than I do. I've had him benched. This is the signal to drop
  12. Same. I got Schultz and Tonyan both off waivers, haven't started Ertz since. He just punched his ticket from my bench to the wire.
  13. At least you're owning this. I can't speak for this entire thread, but I appreciate your forthrightness.
  14. F Marrone. F Gruden. F Thompson. That is all, thank you.