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  1. He was fine in the Super Bowl, I think one of the highest QB Ratings in Super Bowl history.
  2. Hurst was open for some potential big gains, Ryan didn't look his way and would just throw it to others for some reason.
  3. He could've scored an 80 yard TD if Matt Ryan hit him in stride. Look at this video: Julio had 3 steps on Hill but had to slow down because of ball placement. If Matt Ryan hits him in stride it's an 80 yard TD. There were a lot of plays like this last year where Julio could've had long TD's if Ryan hit him in stride and not let him pull up and slow down.
  4. Julio isn't slowing down so he'll still be the main guy in Atlanta but once he does Ridley will be the new guy (like Roddy White to Julio Jones). His route running is one of the best in the NFL and a pleasure to watch.
  5. I guess you missed this catch: https://twitter.com/JimNagy_SB/status/1305328250344935426 He has super speed watching him on the field. How did he not pass the eye past for you?
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