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  1. Hadn't been watching until recently, but has Robinson been getting most of the snaps ahead of Hardman all game?
  2. Where tf is Gesicki!! This is the millionth time he's had a good game on my bench and then disappeared when started.
  3. Can't find any timeline for this injury anywhere.
  4. I'm sure it's happened before, but I'm having a hard time remembering someone becoming washed overnight like this at age 30. His production started going down last year, but he didn't look to be in washed terroritory at all.
  5. Not me, but almost. Have had him stashed since Game 1 when I realized he was going to be a monster, and had Golladay out this week. Opted instead for Golden Tate against Dallas 🤕
  6. Or would you rather have Fulgham than Jeudy?
  7. Not to quibble, but I'd call it blind rather than shortsighted.
  8. IRL I'd take tanny. In fantasy, Stafford.
  9. I have them in OP order but like Fitz ahead of Dalton.
  10. 12 team PPR. I have a bigger need at RB, but I'm not sure it makes sense holding onto the waiver priority for one in a league where all the decent handcuffs are rostered. Should I use it on Jeudy? For trade bait if nothing else? WR: kenny G, Chark, Claypool, Hardman, G. Tate RB: Carson, Mike Davis, Gibson, White Thanks, WHIR!
  11. Man, there are no RBs this week are there?