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  1. CEH and Bell are both their players as of that thread being made. As you say CEH has played 5 games, who do you think they have seen play more? I've been on that forum for 16 years, I have 5 teams and a single Chief on one (Kelce). That is until today. I have 4 shares of Bell. I'll be looking to move him as his perceived value will never meet reality. Bell was brought in because everyone behind CEH sucked. He may take the majority of the backfield but the oline isn't good enough at run blocking to make Bell a consistent RB1, especially with Osemele out.
  2. Clueless homers, most of whom have watched every snap the Chiefs have played this year and possibly every snap of Andy Reid’s tenure with the Chiefs. To say there is less knowledge there than there is here seems silly.
  3. This is Lamar Jackson's problem. Jarvis Landry scored 3x what Lamar did. IS that what you meant by having a WR take some pressure off Lamar?
  4. The issue with trading CMC is even if you sneak into the playoffs. CMC knock you right out. I lost him and Bell last week. I'm looking at starting fournette and Moss this week, knowing in 3-4 weeks I'll be in decent shape again. I am currently undefeated thought so that helps.
  5. Thats BS. If you have talent, the NFL dont care (Mike Vick, Kareem Hunt, Plaxico Burress). LJ never completed more than 12 games in a season after his 400 carry 2006. When he couldn't run anymore, no one wanted to deal with his personality.
  6. How many points do you get for a personality bonus? I'm not debating who is a nice guy. Titans need to find someone to take some of the load or Henry is going to burn out quick. Last 10 games he is on pace to eclipse 400 carries.
  7. Check out Larry Johnson's 2005 season. 1351 and 16 tds over the final 9 games vs Henry's 1342 and 12. The Chiefs thought he was just getting started also.
  8. This debate is over. Juju just picked up Snell on his FF team.