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  1. Because of injuries, I will be starting him. Game should be a shootout, so hoping this is the breakout. Not holding my breath though...
  2. I don't think you should do that deal, leaves you too thin on RB while CMC is out. And even when Bell does come back, I would have a tough time trusting him in the NYJ offence. Arizona has an easy schedule for the next five games, and I'm expecting the Drake TDs to start rolling in
  3. I like Kelley and Gage. Kelley should do well against Carolina, and Gage has proven to get targets even when Julio is in the lineup
  4. Would also go with Andrews. If that BAL/KC game delivers as advertised, I think you're going to want a piece of it. Second choice would be Kelley, because Carolina's run D is brutal
  5. I like Mixon here. Cincy offence is only going to get better imo. Thanks for mine
  6. Really tough call, but I guess it’s a good problem to have, since they are both putting up points. I would go Dak. Seattle’s giving up a ton of yards, and just lost a couple more defenders to injury this past week. Help with mine? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/825383-start-2-of-3-gallup-boyd-cole-whir/
  7. I would probably pull the trigger. I think you got the RB and WR depth to sustain the period of time CMC will be out. Given that it's PPR, he should more valuable than Henry when he returns. Obviously it's a risk since there is always concern with the high ankle sprain/risk of re-injury. But if CMC does come back and performs well, it could be a league winning move. Help with mine? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/825383-start-2-of-3-gallup-boyd-cole-whir/
  8. I would lean towards Montgomery. Looked good this past week and playing Atlanta, who gives up tons of yards. Help with mine? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/825383-start-2-of-3-gallup-boyd-cole-whir/
  9. Agree with others here, Anderson and Fournette
  10. Agreed on Robinson, as crazy as it sounds. He seems to have the higher workload right n
  11. Allen Robinson, Robert Woods, and James Robinson for me. Since you got a lot of great options, I think you can afford to wait a week to see how Galloday plays returning from injury
  12. Tough one for sure. I think if it wasn't a keeper league I would leaning Julio. But given the age difference and how Ryan seems to prefer Ridley in the red zone, I would go with Ridley. Thanks for mine
  13. Also thinking Gage, Cole, and Harry. Julio/Chark may be banged up, paving the way for more targets for Gage/Cole
  14. Definitely Davis and Kelley imo. Matchup vs. Minnesota should be great for Davis, and it's likely that AJ Brown is still out
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