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  1. Free agents in lot of leagues - please rate ROS redraft ppr or half — Shepard NYG Brown BUF Higgins CLE Agholor LVR
  2. Edmonds is a high end RB2/low end RB1 rest of season in PPR that hopefully you stashed.
  3. Drake will probably come back between Week 12-14 (see Michael Thomas) and by that time Edmonds will have stronghold on backfield. Drake will get about 5 carries per game. I have both RBs in couple leagues.
  4. As a drake and chase owner in couple redrafts please turn this thing over to Edmonds “coach’”
  5. Dalton or Fitz-magic rest of season assuming Tua does not play (redraft) ?
  6. Maybe dal gets back to running the ball more rather than so pass happy
  7. All fantasy leagues should allow replacement players written in optional message of submit lineup (MFL) or message board for all games such as TEN BUF should they not play this week.
  8. Half point ppr considering Gage as my WR vs bears over John brown buf vs Rams. Thoughts ?
  9. Don’t understand any league that has waiver priority instead of FAAB.
  10. FAAB % on Mike Davis if you are a CmC redraft Owner ?
  11. I have Drake - the problem is Murray vultures the runs and TDs - it’s a problem
  12. What’s his trade value for a WR in PPR redraft (few names) - trying to gauge. He had 25 touches today , scored double digits each week, but hasn’t got a TD yet. Thanks