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  1. I can't help but get rock solid thinking DJax back vs NYG Thursday Night Game just the potential alone makes me want a piece of THIS
  2. I think he's also incredibly viable no matter how involved Nuke is vs SEA. I got the big dawg but Kirk has atleast as much potential as anyone else on the wire for next week and both should get theirs
  3. Really looking at AJ this upcoming week vs CLE. Looked like him and Burrow figured their thing out a bit more, and dude had 13 targets week 2 vs CLE. Tho, it is AJ Green and he could as easily have one 4 yard reception
  4. I tuned in for the second half and Thielen was mainly in single coverage, looks like maybe they began the game doubling him then had to switch to JetFerson obviously as he's more of the deep threat piece for a comeback.
  5. AJ Green (ya ya I know) 11/8/96 this week and looked to have a FAR better (actually existent) connection with Burrow. Plays CLE who he has 13 targets against week 2. I'm looking to scoop for this week alone for bye week purposes, thoughts? Also Tim Patrick vs KC who they'll be down 2 scores for the majority of the game is sexy
  6. Second straight 100+ yard game vs the Pats non the less, this guy should be hot off the wire this week if he's not already
  7. Instant TE1 When/if Jonnu is out isn't a stretch in such a high powered offense. He also got that teeder before Jonnu even left. If your TE situation is messy he's worth the flyer this week either way, especially if that ankle is really injured injured.
  8. Any idea how close he was to playing this week? Or if he's still a farcry for week 7 TNF?
  9. Have had him benched since draft. Looking forward to this week to see how he looks out there again, feels like forever. Anyone can see that Moss can atleast do whatever Singletary's done thus far and I can't help but think of where Moss would be now had he not had to sit these past few weeks
  10. Placed on IR this morning. McNichols set to be change-of-pace back for now. In the case of an emergency, Evans would come back and be the immediate handcuff for Henry, but is it worth it to have McNichols as your insurance policy till then?
  11. Watching the game it was actually unreal how well he got up and down the field. His vision was better than it's been all year likely because he didn't have to face a top 5 defense, but I'll take it. All systems seem to be GO