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  1. Damn. This sucks. Wish he would have just slid.
  2. Are you seeing he's officially out for the season? I saw it is being considered but not officially out for the year.
  3. Not good with the Tron news. Dak will still produce though.
  4. Either keep him and hope for the best or package him with someone else and try and get a better RB.
  5. I watched the whole game and never saw him or heard his name called.
  6. 7 guys on the Texans got receptions today, Fuller didn't even get targeted. He's a BUM.
  7. I lost by 1 point thanks to this bum. DROP
  8. Not the best week but this offense is good, and they're going to score a lot of points. Not time to panic yet.
  9. Went against my gut, went with the "experts" and put Will Fuller at Flex and he puts up a 0. I had 3 flex guys on my bench that got 14+ and I'm going to lose by 5 points. F FF.