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  1. I get why you're trying to get cute, since the matchups are what they are, but Bridgewater isn't a very sexy option and it sounds like you need a big game. I'd lean towards Lamar Jackson. It's a tough matchup, but he has the higher ceiling. Plus the Ravens are coming off a bye, so they had extra time to prepare. Plus Lamar had his highest rushing total for the season during his last game. I think the Ravens offense is going to start looking up.
  2. I like the Kenny G side for sure. Golladay is a top WR. I know AJ Green is finally getting on the same page with Burrow, but there are still a lot of mouths to feed In Cincy. Mixon hasn't done much this year. For sure I'd make this trade.
  3. Seattle's defense has been pretty poor this year. I know the 49ers like to run first and that Jimmy G has the occasional clunker, but this should be a solid matchup on paper. On the other hand Matt Ryan is facing terrible weather. I lean towards Jimmy G. It's close though.
  4. I expect the game to go on Monday, but you just never know this year with the way Covid is going. For this reason, the choice would be sort of made for me. I'd go with Moore tonight and hope for the best. It's a good matchup.
  5. I would lean towards Woods. It's close though. Not a lot of separation between the three WRs you've mentioned. As has been mentioned, I'd narrow it down between Woods and Kupp, that away not all your eggs are in the Rams war basket.
  6. You would have the two best ppr fantasy football RBs on your team. Since you're not strong at TE or QB, this would be a good way for you to stay above water against the other teams in your division. Like others have said though, this hurts your depth. Personally I'd go for it. Try and find some sleepers on the waiver to replace the guys you're giving up and then hope for the best.
  7. Who should I start this week? Justin Herbert at Den Or Josh Allen vs. Pats ? Both of these matchups just seem sort of boom or bust to me. Any and all advice is appreciated.
  8. Allen Robinson is a target monster and Gibson just had his best game of the season. Sure Gibson did this against a weaker defense, but still yet, it's clear the WFT wants to be a team that relies on the run. I wouldn't make this trade.
  9. If it's just for this week Aiyuk. Long term, it's gotta be one of the Higgins. Tee has mouths to compete with, but is on the pass heavy offense. Rashard has less competition, but is on the run heavy team. If I had to choose, I'd lean towards Rashard. Rashard has the higher potential. Baker has been playing better of late, under Stefanski and Rashard is stepping into a nice role on the team. Tee might be a little safer, but either option is a bit of risk.
  10. Wentz has the best matchup and has been putting up good numbers as of late. He also has a pretty nice schedule moving forward. He's who I would pick up for sure. As for the drop, I get what you're saying. I don't advocate having two defenses, but if you're wanting to hold on to the Steelers and start the Bills this week, I get it. The Bills obviously have the better matchup and are a better option than the Steelers this week. Still it's hard to advocate outright dropping Edelman. I know the Pats offense is struggling and thus Edelman has struggled too, outside of one game, but part of that blame can be placed on Cam missing time due to Covid and also being new to the team. The Pats coaching staff is too good for them to suck the rest of the year, they'll get it figured out a little bit. Not saying they're going to transform into peak Kansas City Chiefs form, but they'll be better. It's a tough call. If you're a nice favorite this week, I'd drop the Bills and roll with the Steelers, even though they're not as good of an option as the Bills. If it's a closer matchup or you're a live dog, then drop Edelman and then try and get someone for the Bills defense next week.
  11. I would take Lamar Jackson for McKinnon. Lamar's ceiling is ridiculous.
  12. I like the Kirk side here. I get that it's hard to rely on Kirk, since there's so many options for the Cardinals offense and that having options at TE is nice. It's just you already have Tonyan. I get that neither Tonyan nor Fant are exactly the best options in the world, but unless you have one of the very few TEs at the tippy top, it's all a crapshoot anyways. Seeing as this is the case, Tonyan would be who I would roll with every week. He's on the better offense with a much better QB, and thus has a much higher ceiling. So if you make this trade, you'd just be making it for a bench spot that will rarely if ever see the field.
  13. Are you keeping just one QB on your roster? I lean very slightly towards Wentz, because he has the better schedule and will have higher highs. With that said Wentz is hurt like every year and has some bad games, so it could be a little bit of a roller coaster at times. If you can afford the roster spot, carrying two QBs and only starting Wentz during the great matchups might be a pretty good option for you.
  14. Fournette is the better option. He's more talented and on a better team and will see more use on most weeks. Lindsay isn't a bad choice, since Melvin has struggled, but even so Denver's offense isn't close to the Bucs offense. Gotta lean towards Fournette.
  15. I'm fine with dropping CeeDee Lamb. It's hard to rely on or put faith into a Dallas team that will be starting a no name 3rd string QB. Aiyuk is a solid option for this week and potentially going forward, especially if Deebo misses time. I like AJ Green's long term value as well. The Bengals passing offense isn't their problem area and it appears that AJ Green and Burrow are finally building a connection.