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  1. If the Bears game is any indication, Ramsey probably won't shadow anyone (he didn't shadow Robinson). Rams are confident in their overall secondary. I still wouldn't fire him up with confidence if you have another choice though, considering the volatility of a rookie QB combined with a strong Rams pass defense.
  2. You mean RG3 time when Lamar inevitably takes 2 quarters off in the last couple games 🤣.
  3. Davante Adams was a Game Time Decision for 2 weeks and was held out both those weeks. GDT is also just a nice designation for messing with the other team a little, forcing them to prepare.
  4. 35% chance Hasty gets it, 20% chance Mckinnon gets the start, 45% Coleman gets the start. source: my speculative a**
  5. Yeah that's a good point to bring up. If they drop a game in the next week or two here, they are out of playoff contention. If that happens, I don't expect Ekeler back until really late in the season, and even when he does come back, he will share a lot of snaps. They aren't risking their franchise RB on a long-term deal on a lost season, and hamstring injuries are high risk of re-injury.
  6. Yeah this would be an amazing real life football move for both Fuller and the Packers, but not good for fantasy. In HOU, he is the clear WR1. In GB, he's getting 4-5 targets with a high chance of a deep ball and a TD, but his ceiling and targets are capped by Adams being the alpha. There is a small chance where he goes absolutely bonkers in GB because Adams draws a ton of coverage, but I think it's slim.
  7. This is the crossroads week for JT. He comes out of the BYE with 70%+ snap count, tons of designed screen plays, and punches in a TD or two... OR... colts offense comes out bumbling, Hines returns to take all the third down work and pass plays, and Wilkins rears his ugly head. I'm betting on the former, but the latter is a realistic possibility. The most exciting thing pre-BYE was his involvement in the pass game, and Rivers LOVES throwing to RBs. If that continues, this guy is going to end up top 5 in PPR. The O-line has been underwhelming with respect to the run game, and a so a lot of JT's yards have come from these screens and dump offs.
  8. Yeah I don't know about this Marrone talk. You can't get much better than Robinson last week with his 90% snap count, tons of targets, and all kinds of different run plays. When I see "crazy" talk from a HC it usually means more jet sweeps, funky QB swaps, wildcat plays, etc... I think Robinson remains a focal point of the offense obviously, but last week was his peak in terms of offensive role. There's no getting better than that, and the hope is to maintain that level of involvement.
  9. I'm still waitin on the Pats to start giving him pass plays. He looked great on that screen last week. In training camp, the ravings were around his pass catching ability. Hope they get creative with this guy going forward and he starts to become a focal point of the offense. Last week was very re-assuring, he looked great with his limited touches.
  10. I think they sit him out. Calf strains are again on those list of injuries that just seem to always yield dreadful results if rushed back. I'm no expert, but it always seems like these guys with a Calf injury end up destroying their ankle a couple weeks later, wonder if it's because of compensating? The KD achilles comes to mind and then the more recent Jeff Wilson ankle. They shouldn't have issues with the Vikings and probably have faith in Williams, but are definitely going to want him for the turnaround Thursday game.
  11. Big for Jacobs, especially if Incognito comes back as well. Two best Olinemen returning + Edwards further enhancing the passing game. I agree his usage has been worrying the last couple games (reminds me of Jonathan Taylor with Taylor trending towards better usage an Jacobs trending towards early season JT ugh usage), BUT I need to see one more game. The TB game they might have just said screw it the run game is a lost cause, and pulled JJ the second half to conserve him for future weeks. Hopefully they see that their best games are generally Jacobs' best games and get creative with him in open space. The biggest let down is that Carr seems to always prefer to run for a measly 2-3 yards and yell at Jacobs to block than dump off for a potential 10+ yards.
  12. Yeah yall are crazy holding on IMO. The Jacksonville game was the ideal with their horrific secondary. With the amount of receiving talent this year, I'm not putting in a receiver that has a 50% chance of giving me 1 point on the week. I had high hopes for Mike, and he's obviously still going to have boom games, but his ceiling is still capped. Allen is the target hog, 6-10 targets every game are going to the RBs and a few are heading to Guyton/Parham. The only way I can see Williams bouncing back is if Hunter Henry is out for an extended period of time. Don't remember what the latest update was on him, but he could take some of the TE targets away, being a big guy that can make contested catches.
  13. This Tua reset will be interesting. Hopefully the connection is there. Feel like whomever Tua zones in on will be a WR1 ros whether that be Parker, Williams, or one of the TEs. We knew Fitzy preferred Parker, but we'll see what happens. Going to keep him on the bench for now, but have high hopes that he can blow up in this second half if he becomes a favored target of a QB and team that will likely air it out a ton to experiment with their shiny new first round toy QB.
  14. They need to rest him so this doesn't linger all season. Foot injuries are just terrible; I have Antonio Gates flashbacks everytime I hear about one.