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  1. Every damn time Hilton touches the ball it gets called back. Lol. You can’t make this **** up. Lol
  2. AJ Brown was available in a lot of leagues last year too.
  3. Watching his week 3 targets. Only had 4, but he was a PI on a deep shot, a bad throw by Ben in the red zone, and a half step out of bounds before the pylon away from having a monster 3 tuddy day in week 3 too. The ole’ eyeball test is telling me that 3 out of 4 weeks he’s been getting really valuable high quality looks from Ben and it all finally came together last weekend. Or maybe I’m just biased cause I was able to snag him in both my leagues this morning. lol. I’m stoked though. Think he can be a top 15 WR by season’s end.
  4. Would they please not let this piece if garbage throw another pass tonight? My opponent down Connor, Godwin, Mostert, and Fournette this week is gonna bailed out with a 20pt game from the f’in Jets D? I’m sitting here 0-3 fighting for my life and can’t catch a break this season. Everyone I play gets ridiculous performances from scrubs. Got destroyed by Jeff Wilson and Sony Michel last week smdh
  5. So ended up retooling the trade and got Jacobs and DJ for Henry and OBJ. Feeling pretty good about it even though Jacobs is a little dinged up. Would rather have him than the uncertainty of the chargers backfield.
  6. Yeah. It’s hard to let Henry go with the volume he gets and the uncertainty of Kelley’s role in LA. I really just want DJ more than anything. My original offer was OBJ for DJ and Henderson since I have Cam and M Brown, figure I might as well collect them all. Lol Thinking about countering with AJG for DJ or Hilton for Henderson straight up?
  7. I’d roll the dice on Pittman and MVS, but I wouldn’t be stoked on either, both boom or bust type plays. Flex I’d definitely roll with Waller, easy call there. what do you think of this trade offer?
  8. Yeah, hate to pile on, but I really don’t like either one. Robinson is looking like a potential league winner ala James Conner 2017. Diggs and Allen are gonna be a killer connection all season. Taylor is a good players, but not any better than Robinson at this point and giving up DJ who is a rare 3 down back, for an injured player who might be catching balls from the backup QB when he comes back is dicey at best. I would of been more than happy running that Robinson/DJ combo out there until CMC gets back, and you’d be looking stacked for the playoffs.
  9. No way. Easy pass here. You’re taking on a ton of injured players in what is essentially a lateral move trade. Plus your 0-2 and can’t afford the risk. I’d see if he would give up Ingram for AJG straight up though. Green’s target share is amazing and it’s only a matter of time before it pays off. help with mine?
  10. I wouldn’t do 1, but I’d probably do 2. Thomas gets force fed targets and Brees is clearly missing him. I’m not sold on Rodgers slinging it like this all season, and Ridley is a stud and potential top 5 WR in that offense this season. Singletary is a huge upgrade over Freeman. Help on mine?
  11. Gurley looks absolutely washed. If you could get him to take that for Cam it’s a steal. I think he might say no to either offer though. Cam is like having RB2 and QB2 in one player right now. You might have to give up more than one of those guys to get him. help on mine please?
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