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  1. In my experience, if I draft well and work the waiver wire correctly, I don't need any trades to do well. That being said, if someone sends me an offer I'll always respond in some way.
  2. already dropped hin 2 weeks ago. there are probably going to be better recievers on waivers right now
  3. The rotoworld blurb says he's still a WR2. Lmfao
  4. My guess is that they think Tua is way better than Fitz already. Buy Dolphins players while you can, Tua's about to change this team forever.
  5. because he's extremely talented and has a true workhorse role in a solid offense.
  6. Kamara, Elliott, Cook, and CMC are the tier 1 to me
  7. Bell will definitely be the main guy but I think CEH will still have a role. High end RB2 ROS
  8. no brainer. usually the team getting the best player wins the trade
  9. good trade. your running backs are stacked